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Garage Doors Store Repairs Reston, VA 571-765-1694Being available every day of the year at all hours is something that we are proud to offer at Garage Doors Store Repairs. In a business like ours, it just isn’t possible to address every customer’s need by having limited availability. It makes an emergency situation all the more stressful when you can’t reach a repair technician for help or you have to wait several hours before you can even talk to someone. It jeopardizes your safety as well.

At Garage Doors Store Repairs, we know that it takes hard work to earn a customer’s trust and even harder work to keep it. We demonstrate our integrity in every action we take, from arriving when we say we will to complete transparency in the billing process. Our service personnel draw on their vast knowledge and skills to complete your repair or installation work in a timely manner. They listen without interrupting to ensure that they understand exactly what it is that you need done.

We love Reston, VA community where we do business. It is made up of such a unique blend of people and businesses. Every garage door that we work on is unique as well. Some have a manual lift and can fit only one car while others seem more like a second home. We have worked on hundreds of styles of garage doors over the years, which means we can confidently step into any new job knowing we can do the work right.


We recommend professional weatherstripping for all garage doors to provide maximum protection from outside elements. When a gap is present, even if it’s only an inch, it can create an uncomfortable environment inside of your garage. It also exposes your vehicles and other equipment to the effects of moisture and potentially severe weather. Weatherstripping eliminates these risks while improving the comfort level of your garage.

The ability of heat and cool air to escape is another problem with having gaps between your garage door and the wall. It makes it more challenging to control the indoor temperature, which is evident when you look at your utility bill. Making a small investment in weatherstripping allows you to lower your energy costs as well as feel comfortable when you need to work in the garage.